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Rome’s Last Citizen: 2 Minutes Summary

1 SENTENCE SUMMARY: This powerful and emotional biography tells the story of Stoic philosopher and one-time slave, Marcus Aurelius, and his fight for freedom in the face of the ultimate sacrifice.

“The power of freedom is the power to choose our own destiny — and not to be governed by the whims of tyrants.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Rome's Last Citizen by Rob Goodman Cover
Rome’s Last Citizen by Rob Goodman
Category: Stoicism
Publish Date: 2014-02-18
# Pages: 384
ISBN: 1250042623

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Rome’s Last Citizen, written by Rob Goodman, tells the story of the Roman Stoic philosopher and statesman, Marcus Porcius Cato, who lived from 234 BC to 149 BC.

Cato was an influential figure in Roman history, and his life and death have been recounted many times over the years.

Goodman’s book however, provides a unique and highly detailed account of Cato’s life, from his early political career to his final stand against Julius Caesar.

It paints a vivid picture of the man and his times, and provides an engaging and informative look at the life of one of Rome’s most influential citizens.

4 Key Lessons from Rome’s Last Citizen by Rob Goodman

1. Respect the Power of Persistence

Rome’s Last Citizen highlights the power of persistence and the importance of never giving up.

This is exemplified by Marcus Tullius Cicero, who against all odds managed to hold onto his integrity and ideals even when faced with death.

Throughout his life, Cicero did not allow himself to be deterred from his goal and kept fighting for what he believed in.

This lesson is relevant for today’s readers, reminding them that no matter the odds, they should never give up and keep pushing forward until they achieve their goals.

2. Value Education

Rome’s Last Citizen emphasizes the importance of education and the power of knowledge.

This is evident in Cicero’s life as he was able to become a great statesman due to his dedication to learning.

As a result, Cicero was able to engage in political debates and use his knowledge to help shape Rome’s future.

This lesson is useful for readers today, encouraging them to pursue higher education and understand the power of knowledge.

3. Be Prepared for Change

Rome’s Last Citizen also highlights the need to be prepared for change and be willing to adapt.

This is demonstrated throughout the book, particularly in the way Cicero was able to alter his tactics and strategies in response to changing circumstances.

This is an important lesson for readers today, reminding them to be prepared for any kind of change and to be flexible enough to adjust their plans accordingly.

4. Speak Truth to Power

Rome’s Last Citizen emphasizes the importance of speaking truth to power, regardless of the consequences.

This is exemplified by Cicero’s commitment to speaking the truth, even when it was unpopular and could put him in danger.

This is a valuable lesson for readers, reminding them of the importance of being honest and speaking up against injustice and oppression.

Who Should Read It

This book should be read by those interested in Roman history, specifically the history of the late Roman Republic.

It is suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds, including high school and college students, teachers, and casual readers.

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About Rob Goodman

Author Rob Goodman Rob Goodman is an American author and historian.

He is a co-author of Rome’s Last Citizen, a biography of Cato the Younger, the last defender of the Roman Republic.

Goodman has a PhD from Columbia University and has written for the New York Times Magazine, Politico, and other publications.

He is a visiting professor of political science at Vanderbilt University. His research focuses on the history of Rome, politics, and leadership.

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