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NurtureShock: 2 Minutes Summary

1 SENTENCE SUMMARY: NurtureShock reveals the unexpected science behind how children learn, grow, and develop in today’s world, and encourages us to be more empathetic and understanding of their needs.

“The key to success is not perfection, but the ability to recover from failure.”

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NurtureShock by Po Bronson Cover
NurtureShock by Po Bronson
Category: Parenting
Publish Date: 2011-01-05
# Pages: 336
ISBN: 0446504130

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NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman is an eye-opening and groundbreaking exploration of the science of child development.

Through extensive research, Bronson and Merryman challenge the commonly held beliefs about how to raise children and offer new insights into the social, emotional and cognitive development of children.

By uncovering the hidden truths of child development, they provide parents and educators with new strategies to help children reach their full potential.

In addition to the scientific research, Bronson and Merryman also share stories of parents and teachers who have found success in their new approaches to parenting and teaching.

The book is a must-read for all parents and educators, as it gives them the power to help children become the best they can be.

4 Key Lessons from NurtureShock by Po Bronson

1. Prioritizing Sleep Is Essential for Learning

This lesson will help readers understand the importance of getting enough sleep for learning, as well as the implications of not doing so.

Numerous studies have shown that a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on learning, from impairing short-term memory to lowering grades in school.

It is essential for readers to prioritize getting enough sleep on a regular basis to ensure that they can effectively learn and retain new information.

2. Unconditional Love Does Not Lead to Optimal Outcomes

It is important for readers to understand that unconditional love does not always lead to optimal outcomes.

This lesson is based on research that has shown that children who are given unconditional love do not necessarily do better in school, have better relationships, or perform better on tests.

To ensure that children reach their optimal potential, parents should provide love, but also provide structure and discipline as needed.

3. Parenting Styles Have an Impact On Children

This lesson will help readers understand that parenting styles can have a significant impact on how children turn out.

Studies have found that parents who are too controlling or too lenient can have a negative impact on a child’s development.

It is important for readers to recognize the importance of finding a balance between providing structure, discipline, and unconditional love to ensure their children reach their full potential.

4. Praise Should Be Specific and Meaningful

This lesson will help readers understand the importance of providing meaningful and specific praise to their children.

Studies have shown that praise that is vague or too general does not have the same impact as specific praise.

It is important for readers to recognize the importance of providing specific and meaningful praise to their children in order to boost their self-esteem and help them become successful.

Who Should Read It

NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman should be read by parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and anyone else interested in learning more about the science behind child development.

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About Po Bronson

Author Po Bronson Po Bronson is an American author and journalist who has written several non-fiction books.

He is best known for his 2009 book NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children, which he co-authored with Ashley Merryman.

This book explores the science behind children’s development and has been a New York Times bestseller.

Bronson has also written books on popular culture, technology, business, and parenting.

He has also contributed to major publications such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Wired.

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