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Here's What You'll Find Inside the Manifestation Starting KIT

7 Very Specific Manifestation WorkBooks (97$ Value)

– Love Manifestation WorkBook
– Wealth Manifestation WorkBook
– Happiness Manifestation WorkBook
– 369 Manifestation WorkBook
– 33 x 3 Manifestation Method WorkBook
– 55 x 5 Manifestation Method WorkBook
– 77 x 7 Manifestation Method WorkBook

10 Guided Meditation for Better Manifesting (97$ Value)

– Meditation for Achieving Success
– Meditation for Goal Visualization
– meditation for Aligning with Life Purpose
– Meditation for Setting Intentions
– Meditation for Overcoming Procrastination
– Meditation for Embracing Abundance
– Meditation for Embracing Self-love
– Meditation for Overcoming Challenges
– Meditation for Empowering Decisions
– Meditation for Deep Relaxation

5 Audio Track for Better Manifestation (27$ Value)

You’ll receive 5 audio tracks with sounds vibrating at different frequencies. Each frequency will help you in a different way:

– 174 Hz: reduces pain and promotes a sense of security
– 285 Hz: improves energy levels and immune function
– 396 Hz: helps release feelings of guilt and fear
– 417 Hz: promotes positive change and removes negative energy
– 528 Hz:  the “miracle tone”, has a wide range of healing properties

Ebook: 200 DIY Essential Oil Recipes to Enhance Manifestation (27$ Value)

Over 200 DIY Essential Oil Recipes to Create the Best Atmosphere for Your Meditation and Manifestation

200 Positive Affirmation Flash Cards (27$ Value)

Simply Print the cards, keep them in a Jar and pick one every morning: that will be your Mantra for the Day

200 Positive Affirmations Audio Recording (27$ Value)

Audio Recording of each affirmations: listen to them while doing your daily chore to improve you manifestation power.

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