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Elizabeth the Queen: 2 Minutes Summary

1 SENTENCE SUMMARY: Through an intimate and vivid portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign, Sally Bedell Smith honors the monarch’s courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to duty.

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Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith Cover
Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith
Category: Biographies
Publish Date: 2012-10-30
# Pages: 720
ISBN: 0812979796

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Elizabeth the Queen is a captivating biography of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who ascended the throne in 1952 and has since established herself as one of the world’s most respected and beloved monarchs.

Written by acclaimed biographer Sally Bedell Smith, Elizabeth the Queen offers an intimate portrait of Her Majesty and her remarkable life, from her childhood in the shadow of her parents’ tumultuous marriage to her sixty-year reign.

Smith draws on unprecedented access to the Queen and her inner circle, combining unparalleled research with her own personal experience of meeting the Queen on numerous occasions.

With remarkable insight, Smith brings to life the complex woman behind the crown, exploring Elizabeth’s unique and remarkable role as sovereign, mother, and grandmother.

4 Key Lessons from Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith

1. Respect Your Peers

Elizabeth the Queen is an inspiring story of a woman who was able to overcome difficult odds and rise to the highest levels of power and respect.

Elizabeth demonstrated respect for her peers, even when she disagreed with them, and stood up for what she believed in.

Through her example, readers can learn the importance of listening to and respecting the opinions of those around them, even when they may differ.

This lesson can help build strong relationships and foster productive collaboration.

2. Find Balance Between Professional and Personal Life

Elizabeth the Queen shows how Elizabeth was able to balance her professional and personal life.

She was able to take care of her duties as Queen while also taking time to enjoy her hobbies and other interests.

This teaches readers that it is possible to have a successful career while also making time for family, friends, and other activities.

Taking a break from work can help refresh and energize and can help to create a more balanced lifestyle.

3. Persevere Through Adversity

Elizabeth the Queen also shows how Elizabeth was able to persevere through difficult times.

When faced with difficult decisions and obstacles, Elizabeth was able to remain calm and carry on.

This teaches readers the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Knowing how to handle difficult situations and stay focused on goals can help readers stay motivated and achieve success.

4. Lead by Example

Finally, Elizabeth the Queen demonstrates Elizabeth’s strong leadership style.

She led by example, setting a high standard of behavior for her subjects to follow.

This teaches readers the importance of leading by example and taking responsibility for their own actions.

Leading by example can inspire others to take initiative and strive for excellence.

Who Should Read It

This book should be read by anyone interested in the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as those interested in British history, the monarchy, and the history of the British Royal Family.

It would also be of interest to anyone interested in the life and legacy of one of the longest-serving monarchs in history.

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About Sally Bedell Smith

Author Sally Bedell Smith Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith is a biography of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

It is written by Sally Bedell Smith, an American biographer and historian whose work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

She is the author of several other biographies, including biographies of Prince Charles, the Clintons, and Princess Diana.

She has been awarded multiple awards for her work, including the National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography.

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