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Digital Body Language: 2 Minutes Summary

1 SENTENCE SUMMARY: Exploring how to optimize virtual communication, Digital Body Language provides a roadmap for developing empathy and understanding in a connected, digital world.

“When we make the conscious effort to be intentional, our digital body language can make the world a better place.” – Erica Dhawan

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Digital Body Language by Erica Dhawan Cover
Digital Body Language by Erica Dhawan
Category: Communication Skills
Publish Date: 2021-05-11
# Pages: 288
ISBN: 1250246520

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In Digital Body Language, author Erica Dhawan provides readers with an innovative look into how digital communication is transforming the way we interact.

Through the use of case studies, examples, and research, she explains how to create digital relationships that are just as meaningful and productive as their physical counterparts.

Dhawan explores the advantages and disadvantages of digital communication, and offers strategies and tips to help cultivate and strengthen digital relationships.

This book is a must-read for professionals and entrepreneurs who need to navigate the digital world and build relationships in order to succeed.

4 Key Lessons from Digital Body Language by Erica Dhawan

1. Be Aware of the Implications of Your Digital Presence

As people become increasingly reliant on technology, digital body language has become an important part of our social lives.

We need to be aware of the implications of our digital presence, as our online activities can have real-world consequences.

Being mindful of how our social media posts and interactions affect others is an important part of self-awareness and understanding our digital footprint.

2. Establish Clear Boundaries

Digital body language should be used to create clear boundaries and expectations in our digital relationships.

This can include setting limits on how much we share, how we interact, and who we interact with.

Establishing clear guidelines upfront can help us foster positive and productive relationships online.

3. Use Technology to Connect

Technology can provide great opportunities to connect with others, even when we can’t be physically present.

We can use technology to bridge the physical distance between us and keep our relationships strong.

Technology can also be used to strengthen our relationships by helping us to get to know one another better, share experiences, and create emotional connections.

4. Be Open to Change

Technology is constantly changing, and our digital body language must adapt to keep up.

We should be open to exploring new tools and techniques as they become available and taking advantage of them to stay connected with our networks.

Being open to change can help us stay relevant in our digital relationships.

Who Should Read It

This book is ideal for managers, entrepreneurs, and executives, who are looking for innovative ways to bridge the gap between physical and digital communication.

It is also a great resource for digital marketers, social media professionals, and any other professionals looking to become more effective communicators in the digital age.

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About Erica Dhawan

Author Erica Dhawan Erica Dhawan is a leading global keynote speaker, CEO of Cotential, and the author of Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance.

She is a passionate advocate for bridging the gap of communication in all areas of life, and her book, Digital Body Language, is a practical guide for leaders and teams to do just that.

She is a frequent speaker on the topics of leadership, innovation, and technology, and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Inc., and The New York Times.

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