Disrupt-It-Yourself: 2 Minutes Summary

Disrupt-It-Yourself by Simone Bhan Ahuja is a step-by-step guide to help you identify and capitalize on opportunities to create lasting change and make an impact.

On Becoming a Leader: 2 Minutes Summary

Unlock your potential to become a leader with On Becoming a Leader by Warren G. Bennis, a comprehensive and inspiring guide to developing the skills you need to succeed.

Turn the Ship Around!: 2 Minutes Summary

“Turn the Ship Around!” by L. David Marquet is a captivating read that will challenge the way you look at leadership and inspire you to make a positive change in your organization.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: 2 Minutes Summary

This book offers insightful guidance on how to maximize your personal and professional growth, through 15 essential laws for success, as taught by renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

Dealing with Darwin: 2 Minutes Summary

Dealing with Darwin is a captivating exploration of how to thrive in the age of rapid technological change by renowned business theorist Geoffrey Moore.

Immunity to Change: 2 Minutes Summary

“Unlock the power of your own potential and discover how to make lasting, positive changes in your life with Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change.”