Full Catastrophe Living: 2 Minutes Summary

“Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn offers practical, science-backed strategies to help you manage stress, pain, and illness and discover the joys of living life to the fullest.

Wabi Sabi: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the spiritual and creative philosophy of Wabi Sabi, and learn how to transform your home, work, and life with its philosophy of finding beauty in the imperfect.

Untangle Your Anxiety: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover how to break free from anxiety, and learn effective strategies to manage stress and create lasting peace of mind with Joshua Fletcher’s “Untangle Your Anxiety”!

When Panic Attacks: 2 Minutes Summary

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War and Peace: 2 Minutes Summary

Leo Tolstoy’s epic masterpiece War and Peace is a timeless exploration of fate, free will, and the consequences of war.

My Age of Anxiety: 2 Minutes Summary

From America’s top anxiety expert, Scott Stossel, comes an intimate and informative look into the history, science, and personal experiences of anxiety and its effects.