Mindfulness Book Summaries

10-Minute Mindfulness: 2 Minutes Summary

Experience the power of mindfulness with this easy-to-follow guide to bring more calm, clarity, and joy into your life in just 10 minutes a day.

60+ Best Books on Mindfulness

If you’re looking for ways to improve your mindfulness, you’re in the right place. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us find balance in our lives and manage stress, anxiety and depression. With so many books available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list …

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A Mindfulness Guide for Survival: 2 Minutes Summary

This book offers a fresh and humorous approach to finding peace and contentment in a chaotic world, with Ruby Wax’s unique and uplifting style of mindfulness.

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled: 2 Minutes Summary

This humorous and practical book from Ruby Wax offers an accessible guide to mindfulness and stress-reduction for the modern age.

A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook: 2 Minutes Summary

This workbook provides an accessible and engaging guide to reducing stress through the power of mindfulness practice.

Altered Traits: 2 Minutes Summary

Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman delves into the science of meditation and its potential to revolutionize the way you think, feel, and live.

Aware: 2 Minutes Summary

Aware: A groundbreaking exploration of the science behind human connection from the New York Times bestselling author of The Developing Mind, Daniel J. Siegel.

Cure: 2 Minutes Summary

Cure is a riveting investigation into the science and history of mind-body medicine, exploring the idea that our bodies have the power to heal themselves.

Dopamine Nation: 2 Minutes Summary

For anyone looking to break free from the grips of an addiction to technology, Dopamine Nation by Anna Lembke is a must-read guide to understanding and changing the way we interact with technology.

Five Minute Meditation: 2 Minutes Summary

Take a break from your busy life and find inner peace with Lisa Shea’s Five Minute Meditation, a simple guide to help you relax and find clarity.

Heal Your Way Forward: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the power of self-healing and create a roadmap to a life of purpose and fulfillment with Myisha T. Hill’s inspiring guide, “Heal Your Way Forward”.

How to be an Adult in Relationships: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover how to create healthy, balanced relationships with the powerful insights and practical tools in “How to be an Adult in Relationships” by David Richo.

How to Train a Wild Elephant: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover how to bring balance and peace into your life with Jan Chozen Bays’ essential guide, How to Train a Wild Elephant.

How We Grow Through What We Go Through: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover how to turn life’s challenging experiences into opportunities for personal growth with Christopher Willard’s inspiring guide, How We Grow Through What We Go Through.

Into the Heart of Mindfulness: 2 Minutes Summary

Experience the power of mindfulness to lead a more conscious, meaningful life with Ed Halliwell’s ‘Into the Heart of Mindfulness’.

Let Your Light Shine: 2 Minutes Summary

In Let Your Light Shine, Ali Smith explores how finding and expressing our true selves can help us lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Make Peace with Your Mind: 2 Minutes Summary

“Make Peace with Your Mind” by Mark Coleman offers a practical path to freedom from anxiety and depression, allowing readers to reconnect to their inner wisdom and peace.

Manifest: 2 Minutes Summary

“Unlock the power of self-love and discover your inner strength with Roxie Nafousi’s Manifest, a journey towards self-acceptance, growth and empowerment.”

Mindfulness for Beginners: 2 Minutes Summary

Start your journey to greater self-awareness and inner peace with Jeffrey Holloway’s Mindfulness for Beginners – the perfect guide to mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness in Action: 2 Minutes Summary

This book by Chogyam Trungpa offers readers an inspiring guide to discovering the power of mindfulness and how to apply it to everyday life.

Mindfulness in Plain English: 2 Minutes Summary

This timeless classic provides accessible, practical guidance on how to live a more mindful, peaceful life with Bhante Henepola Gunaratana’s easy-to-understand instructions.

Mindfulness Meditation: 2 Minutes Summary

Learn to reduce stress and improve your mental and physical health by mastering the art of mindfulness meditation with Daniel K. Barton’s comprehensive guide.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the science and practice of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and learn how to transform your life with mindfulness-based techniques from author Rebecca Crane.

My Magic Breath: 2 Minutes Summary

“Unlock the power of your breath with My Magic Breath and learn how to transform your life!”

Navigating Grief and Loss: 2 Minutes Summary

This book provides practical guidance and supportive strategies to help you cope with grief and loss in your life.

Pass Through Panic: 2 Minutes Summary

“Pass Through Panic is an essential guide to overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, written by world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Claire Weekes.”

Real Happiness: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the power of meditation and mindfulness to transform your life and cultivate real happiness with Sharon Salzberg’s inspiring and practical guide.

Real-World Mindfulness for Beginners: 2 Minutes Summary

“Discover how to start living in the present moment and reduce your stress with Real-World Mindfulness for Beginners by Brenda Salgado!”

Rest Is Resistance: 2 Minutes Summary

In Rest is Resistance, Tricia Hersey offers a revolutionary approach to self-care, teaching us how to honor our bodies and minds in order to resist the oppressive forces of society.

Secret Garden: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the beauty of nature as you explore the magical and enchanting world of the Secret Garden with Johanna Basford.

Stolen Focus: 2 Minutes Summary

An investigative journey into the world of global addiction, Stolen Focus by Johann Hari is an eye-opening exploration of the causes and effects of our dependence on drugs and alcohol.

The Book of Boundaries: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover how to create healthy, respectful boundaries in all aspects of life with Melissa Urban’s “The Book of Boundaries”!

The Comfort Book: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the power of self-care and resilience with Matt Haig’s uplifting and inspirational guide to mastering the art of comfort.

The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness: 2 Minutes Summary

This book will guide you through the simple steps of meditation and mindfulness with the help of Andy Puddicombe, the former Buddhist monk and founder of Headspace.

The Heart of Who We Are: 2 Minutes Summary

Caverly Morgan’s “The Heart of Who We Are” is an inspiring journey of self-discovery that will make you question what it means to be alive.

The Little Book of Being: 2 Minutes Summary

Dive into a world of self-discovery and explore the depths of your inner being with The Little Book of Being by Diana Winston.

The Little Book of Mindfulness: 2 Minutes Summary

“The Little Book of Mindfulness” by Patrizia Collard will help you find peace and relaxation in the midst of your busy life.

The Mindful Way Workbook: 2 Minutes Summary

The Mindful Way Workbook by John Teasdale is the essential guide to mastering your mental health and finding a more peaceful and meaningful life.

Waking Up: 2 Minutes Summary

“Waking Up” by Sam Harris is an enlightening journey of self-discovery that helps you unlock your potential and build a more meaningful life.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the wisdom of life’s most foundational principles, and learn how to apply them to your everyday life with ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’, an enlightening guidebook by Julie Smith.

Why We Meditate: 2 Minutes Summary

In Why We Meditate, Daniel Goleman provides an engaging exploration of the science and practice of meditation, offering a clear and compelling case for why we should all make it part of our daily lives.

You Are Not Your Brain: 2 Minutes Summary

Unlock your inner potential and break free from destructive thought patterns with Jeffrey M. Schwartz’s “You Are Not Your Brain”, an empowering guide to reshaping your life.