Depression Book Summaries

101 Ways to Be Less Stressed: 2 Minutes Summary

Start reducing stress today with 101 actionable tips from neuroscience expert Dr. Caroline Leaf!

60+ Best Books on Depression

Depression can be an incredibly difficult and draining condition to live with, and it can be hard to find the right resources to help. Books can be a great source of comfort and understanding, and can be incredibly helpful for managing depression. This article will provide an overview of over 60 of the best books …

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A First Rate Madness: 2 Minutes Summary

An enlightening exploration of the potential benefits of mental illness, A First-Rate Madness by Nassir Ghaemi offers an enlightening look into the relationship between mental health and creativity.

Against Depression: 2 Minutes Summary

“From one of the world’s most renowned psychiatrists, ‘Against Depression’ offers an inspiring and practical guide to understanding, managing, and ultimately conquering the disease of depression.”

All the Light We Cannot See: 2 Minutes Summary

In this epic and beautifully written novel, Anthony Doerr takes us on a journey of two extraordinary characters struggling to find their place in a world forever changed by war.

An Unquiet Mind: 2 Minutes Summary

An Unquiet Mind is a profoundly moving and inspiring memoir of Kay Redfield Jamison’s struggles with bipolar disorder and her journey to understanding and acceptance.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: 2 Minutes Summary

Unlock your full potential by transforming the structure and chemistry of your brain with the evidence-based strategies in “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by renowned psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple: 2 Minutes Summary

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple by Seth Gillihan is the perfect guide to help you understand and apply the powerful tools of CBT to improve your mental health and well-being.

Daisy Jones & the Six: 2 Minutes Summary

The riveting story of Daisy Jones and the Six, a band that exploded onto the music scene in the 1970s, and the secrets that tore them apart.

Darkness Visible: 2 Minutes Summary

In Darkness Visible, William Styron takes readers on a devastatingly honest journey into the depths of his own depression, poignantly exploring the complexities of mental health.

Depression and Other Magic Tricks: 2 Minutes Summary

An exploration of depression and its effects on a young woman’s life through the lens of poetry and prose, Sabrina Benaim’s “Depression and Other Magic Tricks” is a powerful and moving collection.

Depression-Free, Naturally: 2 Minutes Summary

This comprehensive guide offers natural and holistic approaches to conquering depression, allowing readers to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About: 2 Minutes Summary

Learn to face depression, anxiety, and other uncomfortable topics head on with Stan Casey Waller’s Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About.

Depression, the Mood Disease: 2 Minutes Summary

“Depression, the Mood Disease” by Francis Mark Mondimore is an insightful and informative guide to understanding and managing depression.

Feeling Great: 2 Minutes Summary

Feel better than ever with the help of this practical and inspiring guide to understanding and overcoming negative feelings, from renowned psychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author, David Burns.

Furiously Happy: 2 Minutes Summary

Experience the hilarious and unique journey of self-discovery as Jenny Lawson takes you on a journey of embracing her mental illness in the wild, often absurd, and ultimately uplifting book, Furiously Happy.

Getting to Good: A Guided Journal: 2 Minutes Summary

Explore your inner thoughts and find clarity with Elena Welsh’s “Getting to Good: A Guided Journal,” an insightful and compassionate companion to help you reflect and make positive changes in your life.

Grief Works: 2 Minutes Summary

Grief Works is a compassionate and accessible guide to understanding and healing grief, written by psychotherapist Julia Samuel.

How to Be Happy (Or At Least Less Sad): 2 Minutes Summary

If you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, “How to Be Happy (Or At Least Less Sad)” by Lee Crutchley is the perfect book to help you find your way back to a happier life.

How to Fly: 2 Minutes Summary

Experience the uplifting beauty of nature as Barbara Kingsolver takes you on a poetic journey of discovery through learning to fly.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It: 2 Minutes Summary

In I Don’t Want to Talk About It, Terrance Real provides insightful and practical advice to help anyone struggling with depression and anxiety find the courage to speak up and seek help.

It’s OK That You’re Not OK: 2 Minutes Summary

It’s OK That You’re Not OK is a comforting and empowering guide to understanding grief, learning how to support those who are suffering, and ultimately, finding your way back to hope.

Learned Hopefulness: 2 Minutes Summary

From experienced psychologist and hope researcher Dan Tomasulo, Learned Hopefulness offers science-backed strategies for developing a resilient mindset and cultivating optimism for a more hopeful future.

Lost Connections: 2 Minutes Summary

Johann Hari’s “Lost Connections” is an eye-opening exploration of how our modern world has disconnected us from the things that truly make us happy.

Love at Goon Park: 2 Minutes Summary

In Love at Goon Park, Deborah Blum reveals the “forbidden love” between Harry Harlow, a pioneering animal psychologist, and his controversial experiments on the nature of love.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: 2 Minutes Summary

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is a heart-wrenching and inspiring story of a therapist and her own therapist, demonstrating the power of vulnerability and connection.

Notes from Underground: 2 Minutes Summary

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground takes readers on a journey of psychological exploration through the mind of an isolated, bitter, and deeply cynical man.

Playlist for the Dead: 2 Minutes Summary

A poignant and powerful story of a teenage boy’s struggle to cope with tragedy and his search for solace through music.

Reasons to Stay Alive: 2 Minutes Summary

A profoundly uplifting story of one man’s journey to recovery from depression and anxiety, Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig is an inspiring read for anyone struggling with mental health issues.

Shock: 2 Minutes Summary

Experience the remarkable journey of a young woman’s struggles and triumphs over depression as she comes to terms with her diagnosis in Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye’s “Shock”.

Shoot the Damn Dog: 2 Minutes Summary

A powerful and deeply honest story of depression, resilience, and recovery, Sally Brampton’s Shoot the Damn Dog is a must-read for anyone who has ever struggled with mental health challenges.

Spark: 2 Minutes Summary

Unlock your full potential and create positive, lasting change in your life with Spark, the revolutionary guide from psychiatrist John Ratey.

The Anatomy of Melancholy: 2 Minutes Summary

Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy is a classic work of literature that dives deep into the psychological causes of depression and the potential remedies.

The Antidote: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the power of positive thinking–and why it might not be the answer to true happiness–in Oliver Burkeman’s The Antidote.

The Body Keeps the Score: 2 Minutes Summary

This groundbreaking book by Bessel Van Der Kolk uncovers how emotional trauma can affect the body and how to heal it.

The Depression Cure: 2 Minutes Summary

“The Depression Cure” by Stephen Ilardi is a groundbreaking book that offers practical, drug-free strategies to help you overcome depression and lead a happier, healthier life.

The Illustrated Happiness Trap: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover how to break free from the cycle of unhappiness and find lasting contentment with The Illustrated Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.

The Inflamed Mind: 2 Minutes Summary

“Unlock the secrets of the brain with The Inflamed Mind, a groundbreaking exploration into the mysteries of mental illness from renowned psychiatrist Ed Bullmore.”

The Mindful Way Through Depression: 2 Minutes Summary

“The Mindful Way Through Depression” by Mark Williams is an empowering and practical guide to help you find a path to recovery and a more fulfilling life.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: 2 Minutes Summary

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a heart-wrenching and coming-of-age story of a teenage boy’s journey to find acceptance, understanding, and ultimately, his place in the world.

The Terror: 2 Minutes Summary

In Dan Simmons’ The Terror, an icy and mysterious monster stalks the crew of an 1845 Royal Navy expedition through uncharted Arctic waters, leaving the men to fight for their lives and sanity.

The Upward Spiral: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the neuroscience of lasting happiness and learn how to create an upward spiral of positive emotions and wellbeing with The Upward Spiral by Alex Korb.

The Yellow Wallpaper: 2 Minutes Summary

Feel the crushing weight of oppression in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic feminist story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”.

This Close to Happy: 2 Minutes Summary

Experience one woman’s raw and honest journey to self-acceptance and emotional healing in Daphne Merkin’s heartbreaking memoir, This Close to Happy.

This Is Depression: 2 Minutes Summary

This Is Depression is an eye-opening and inspiring exploration of Diane McIntosh’s journey through depression, and her determination to overcome it.

Thrive: 2 Minutes Summary

Thrive by Richard Layard is an essential guide to achieving a life of wellbeing and satisfaction, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Undoing Depression: 2 Minutes Summary

If you’re struggling with depression, Undoing Depression by Richard O’Connor offers meaningful and effective tools to help you break the cycle and find relief.

Unholy Ghost: 2 Minutes Summary

Unholy Ghost is an emotionally raw and powerful exploration of mental illness and its effects on family and self.

Unlearning Anxiety & Depression: 2 Minutes Summary

Unlearning Anxiety & Depression by Joseph Luciani is a refreshing and empowering guide to finding relief and achieving greater emotional balance.

Unstuck: 2 Minutes Summary

Unstuck offers practical skills and inspirational stories to help you break through stuck points and move towards a more fulfilling life.

Your Happiness Toolkit: 2 Minutes Summary

Discover the essential tools for creating sustainable happiness and wellbeing in Your Happiness Toolkit by Carrie Wrigley.

Your Life in Bloom: 2 Minutes Summary

From the author of the best-selling novel, Lucy Fuggle, comes a heartwarming story about a young woman learning to nurture and care for herself as she finds her own way in the world.