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Be Calm: 2 Minutes Summary

1 SENTENCE SUMMARY: “Be Calm” offers practical strategies for reducing stress and cultivating resilience in our lives so that we can live a more mindful, intentional, and authentic existence.

“The more we move from a place of fear and control, to one of trust and surrender, the more we can experience a life of peace and joy.” – Jill P. Weber

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Be Calm by Jill P. Weber Cover
Be Calm by Jill P. Weber
Category: Anxiety
Publish Date: 2019-03-19
# Pages: 262
ISBN: 1641522089

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Be Calm by Jill P. Weber is a practical guide to help readers reduce their stress and anxiety levels in order to live a more peaceful and balanced life.

Drawing from her own personal experience with anxiety as well as her professional expertise as a Clinical Psychologist, Weber provides readers with a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing their stress.

She begins by discussing the various sources of stress and anxiety in our lives, including physical and mental health, family and work obligations, and societal pressures.

Weber then offers a variety of strategies to help readers reduce their levels of stress, including mindfulness and relaxation techniques, healthy lifestyle and diet choices, and the importance of connecting with others.

With easy-to-follow steps and exercises, Be Calm is an essential resource for anyone looking to take back control of their mental health.

4 Key Lessons from Be Calm by Jill P. Weber

1. Identify and manage your stress triggers

This lesson helps readers to become aware of the situations or people that trigger stress in their lives.

It also provides tools for learning how to better manage those triggers, such as relaxation techniques, journaling, and self-reflection.

This lesson can help an individual gain a better understanding of their stressors and how to respond to them in a more constructive way.

2. Develop healthy habits

This lesson encourages readers to adopt healthier habits in order to better manage stress.

It provides guidance on how to create a daily routine that can foster a sense of calm and reduce anxiety.

This includes tips on how to structure your day, prioritize tasks, and practice self-care.

Practicing these habits can help one to stay balanced and focused.

3. Make time for yourself

This lesson helps readers to make time for themselves so that they can better manage their stress.

It encourages readers to set aside time to relax and engage in activities that bring them joy.

This can help readers to take care of their mental health and to re-energize so that they can face daily stressors with a better attitude.

4. Connect with others

This lesson encourages readers to connect with others in order to better manage their stress.

It provides guidance on how to foster meaningful relationships, such as through volunteering, joining support groups, and engaging in activities with friends and family.

This can help to provide a sense of community and connection which can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Who Should Read It

This book should be read by anyone who is looking for practical tips and guided exercises to help them manage their stress and anxiety.

It can be particularly helpful for those who feel overwhelmed and need a tool to help them maintain a sense of balance and calm.

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About Jill P. Weber

Author Jill P. Weber Jill P. Weber is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor.

She specializes in treating anxiety and panic disorder, as well as providing guidance on how to achieve emotional wellness.

Her book Be Calm: Proven Techniques to Stop Anxiety Now offers advice and strategies on how to reduce anxiety, attain calmness, and increase peace of mind.

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